Shipping Artwork Overseas: Holiday Tips for Artists and Art Collectors

As an artist, you love your artworks. You spend a lot of time creating and refining beautiful objects filled with your own emotions. They are a part of you. It is no wonder that you want your works to be delivered to the gallery or buyer in their pristine condition. As an art collector, you are likely to feel the same. After all, artworks in your home are much more than simply beautiful items hanging on the walls. They show who you are and what you stand for. Thereby, when it comes to shipping artwork overseas, you want to ensure that your precious possessions get where they need to be intact and on time. This is especially important on holiday weeks as this period is always quite stressful for everyone, including international moving companies in NYC, which may result in delays. In fact, choosing the right movers is the first and the most essential step in protecting your artworks in transit.

Primarily known for fast and high-quality fine art shipping services in NYC, Fine Art Shippers also specializes in the international transportation of all kinds of valuables and collectibles. With our reliable network of partners, we can deliver your artworks to anywhere in the world, using different modes of transport and sometimes combining them for a more efficient shipping solution. Moreover, our trained team of fine art handlers is proficient in handling even such oversized and heavy items as stainless steel sculptures and antique furniture.

However, choosing the right art shipping company is only the first step in protecting your artworks. This is where the following tips come into play!

1. Start as early as possible. The more time you have to proper organize international transportation of your valuables, the more smooth and seamless this process will be.

2. Insure your artworks. Always purchase the right amount of insurance to meet your needs in case your artworks are damaged in transit. This will protect not only your works but your peace of mind too.

3. Choose only high-quality packing materials. Do not skimp on packing materials and always choose those providing the utmost protection. Wood crates are definitely the best choice for your most valuable and fragile works.

The right moving company specializing in shipping artwork overseas and the above tips will ensure your precious belongings arrive at their destination intact and on time, even on holidays. Plus, it will also help you save money. Happy Thanksgiving Day!