Shipping Antiques of Any Kind Is Our Specialty!

Shipping Antiques

As you know, Fine Art Shippers specializes in shipping fine art of any kind, including highly valuable, large, and fragile items. However, did you know that our qualified team is also proficient in shipping antiques and various artifacts? Moreover, this applies not only to treasured family heirlooms and vintage furniture pieces but also to museum-quality items and heavy sculptures.

Shipping oversized items

Shipping antiques professionally means being able to handle items of any size and weight, and this is exactly what we offer our clients at Fine Art Shippers. Whether it comes to luxury furniture, vintage pianos, or marble statues, our expert art shippers can deliver any of them to literally anywhere in the world. From choosing the right mode of transport to packing and crating, we will take care of every single step of the shipping process while treating your possessions with the respect they deserve. No matter the weight and dimensions of your valuables, shipping antiques with us is always a wise decision!

Shipping religious icons and artifacts

Fine Art Shippers is also known for its extensive experience in shipping antiques of religious value. We have long been working with specialized online galleries like the Russian Store and Russian Icons & Antiques, moving, packing, and shipping antique Russian icons and other religious artifacts for them both nationally and internationally. Besides, we work with many auction houses that also specialize in selling valuable religious items. For example, several weeks ago, we helped Shapiro Auctions prepare for the Auction of Fine and Decorative Art that featured a stunning selection of antique Russian icons along with many other valuable lots.


Shipping Antiques of Any Kind Is Our Specialty!

Shipping Antiques of Any Kind Is Our Specialty!

Shipping museum-quality items

Finally, Fine Art Shippers is an ideal choice when it comes to shipping antiques and very rare items of museum quality, like the unique Tiffany lamp we noticed when picking up art pieces for our client from Sotheby’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses. You can see this masterpiece in the photo below. Tiffany is known for its many amazing lamps that are considered part of the Art Nouveau movement, and we can ship any of them, using only the highest quality packing materials and museum-standard techniques for their ultimate protection.

Shipping Antiques of Any Kind Is Our Specialty!

Shipping antiques of any kind is our specialty, and we offer a variety of cost-effective options to meet the needs of all our clients. Call us now to learn more about our services or request a free shipping quote right from this website!