Secrets to Shipping Framed Artwork to Any Location: 2024 Checklist

Secrets to Shipping Framed Artwork to Any Location: 2024 Checklist

Transportation of delicate and fragile works of art is always a responsible and nervous endeavor. At the same time, shipping framed artwork is even harder because of the added risks involved. A frame often comes with glass, which poses risks of cracking in transit and tearing the canvas. So, what can you do as an art owner to protect your artwork from irreparable damage?

Our first recommendation is to do your homework and check all industry guidelines on proper packaging and transportation of framed artwork. Here are the most common tips and safety precautions art owners should follow when dealing with framed art pieces.

Glass Protection

If your artwork comes with a frame and glass, you need to cover the glass surface with mirror tape first. This protective measure will ensure that the glass holds together even if it’s broken in transit, thus minimizing the risk of damage to the canvas.

Corner Enhancement

Another preparatory step is to protect the corners with cardboard or foam protectors. It also makes sense to apply edge guards if the frame is ornate and delicate. Yet, all these protective measures should be added after the first layer of wrapping is done with acid-free, non-adhesive material such as glassine paper or archival tissue paper.

Cushioning and Insulation

It’s vital to consider using air cushions and soft foam when packing your framed artwork for shipping. These measures will improve the freight’s shock absorption and protect the piece from physical damage.

Double Box Method

This method reduces the degree of movement inside the box that your framed artwork will endure at different stages of transportation. It involves secure art packaging and cushioning in one box, with subsequent placement of that box into a larger box, also filled with shock absorption and cushioning materials.


Once the packaging process is finished, it’s time to equip the box with relevant labels that indicate the object’s fragile nature and the need for special treatment. Place the “Fragile” label, mark the box with the artwork’s dimensions, and show where its bottom and top are to avoid unnecessary rotation in transit.

Shipping Framed Artwork Is Easy with Fine Art Shippers

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