Art Transportation in NYC: Cases When You Need Professional Help

Art Transportation in NYC

The services of art transportation in NYC are always in demand, and the number of clients looking for local fine art shipping companies is constantly growing. Many artists, collectors, and galleries regularly use art transportation services for the safe and secure movement of valuable works of art. Here are some instances when you need the help of professionals. 

When to Hire Specialists in Art Transportation in NYC? 

1. Art gallery exhibition

Anyone who has ever organized an exhibition knows how difficult it is to gather all the desired works of art in one place, even if it is an exhibition of a single artist. The contract with the owner, the preparation of the necessary documents, and, of course, the delivery of the works of art to the gallery – all this has to be done precisely and on time. To ensure that the last of these processes goes smoothly, it is always better to hire a fine art shipping company. The team of professional art handlers will collect, pack, and deliver works of art to the gallery from as many locations as needed.

2. A new acquisition in the collection

After you have participated in the auction and finally acquired the desired artwork or antique, the new purchase needs to be delivered to your home or storage location. Although some auction houses offer delivery services, in many cases, the owner of the artwork must take care of this themselves. Again, it is advisable to contact a fine art shipping company specializing in art transportation in NYC, especially if the item is very valuable or fragile.

3. Participation in an art fair

Participating in an art fair as a gallery owner or artist means preparing a booth that is attractive to potential buyers. Art handlers with experience in art fair installation will help you with that.

4. Moving the collection

There comes a time for every collector when their valuable collection no longer fits in the existing storage space. Moving a collection to a new location always requires professional help, as the value of a collection is usually determined not by individual items, but by its integrity.

As you can see, there are many situations in which the services of professional art moving companies can be useful to you. Therefore, it is always good to know the contact information of a trusted fine art shipping company. Fine Art Shippers, a New York-based company with decades of experience, will be happy to assist you with art transportation in NYC and beyond. Give us a call, and we will develop an individual solution for your task.