“Rooted in Humanity” by Lori Horowitz Opens at Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Lori Horowitz

This April, the Bayard Cutting Arboretum Manor House Gallery in Great River, New York, is hosting Lori Horowitz’s solo exhibition “Rooted in Humanity” featuring over fifty recent artworks. The show, curated by Mireille Belajonas, will be on display in the Manor House Annex Gallery from April 4 to April 28, 2024.

“Rooted in Humanity” by Lori Horowitz Opens at Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Lori Horowitz’s art is an insightful exploration of the human condition, environment, and societal tensions. This project was inspired by the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed grounds of the Arboretum and by photographs of anthropomorphic tree roots, which are a foundational element for her series “Rooted in Humanity.” This thematic focus seeks to examine the critical moments of our time—periods marked by rapid changes in social interaction, judgment, and behavior. Through her art, Horowitz tries to peel away the layers of social conventions to delve into the core issues affecting humanity today. “Rooted in Humanity” reflects on recurring struggles and encourages a deep, personal introspection among viewers.

The pieces in the series range from mixed-media 3D relief paintings to sculptures, all representing an emotional investigation into the fragility of human existence. Horowitz’s works are a dialogue on isolation, vulnerability, and the intrinsic human struggle, urging viewers to reflect on the essence of human nature and societal constructs. The exhibition invites the audience to engage with forms that seem to emerge from the earth itself, symbolizing resilience, struggle, and growth.

Horowitz employs a variety of techniques across her artworks. The basis of her 3D creations is mixed-media photographic mono-print drawings, while her larger sculptures incorporate an array of materials and processes, including photography, wire, soft sculpture, encaustic wax, torched copper, and paint. Her continuous experimentation has led to the development of a unique method of sculpting photos and enhancing them three-dimensionally.

The show is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and anyone interested in the intersections of art and society. It will become a thought-provoking experience, offering insights into the complexities of the human soul and the natural world that surrounds us.

As part of the exhibition, Lori Horowitz will present an artist talk on Sunday, April 21, scheduled in celebration of Earth Day. She will share insights into her creative process, the inspiration behind her latest series, and her thoughts about environmental and societal themes.

Lori Horowitz, a New York native, has worked in many art roles that include teaching, set design, curatorship, and gallery management, which have all have contributed to her artistic vision. Since 2015, Lori has displayed her work in more than 80 group shows and art fairs across the country, including in galleries and museums, in addition to hosting twelve solo exhibitions.

Photo courtesy of Lori Horowitz