Professional Art Movers in NYC: Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Art Movers in NYC: Frequently Asked Questions

Most people have moved at least once in their life. However, art transportation is a little different from a regular moving experience. Hence, a lot of people might have questions about the art shipping process and what it entails. Today, we will address some of the most frequent questions professional art movers in NYC receive.

Professional Art Movers in NYC: Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for art transportation?

If you want to avoid any confusion and extra fees when art handlers come in to pack and collect your artworks, you should measure the pieces and provide their exact sizes to your art shipping company in advance.

What are the size and weight limitations?

Generally, art movers in NYC can ship artwork of any size, shape, and weight. Working with museums and galleries entails being ready to handle large-scale pieces, including wall-size paintings, art installations, and even entire exhibitions. However, you do need to warn your art shippers if your items are heavy, oversized, or oddly shaped.

I have strict deadlines. Will you be able to deliver my valuables on time?

A reliable art shipping company will never betray your trust by being late. You can expect your valuables to be delivered exactly within the time frame you have set. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we recommend that you start planning the art transportation process in advance so that the company has time to prepare and give your art pieces all the attention they deserve.

Do you provide art insurance? 

Art logistics companies work closely with trustworthy art insurance brokers. Ask your service provider to help you choose the right art insurance plan that will cover every single one of your needs.

Do you ship anywhere in the US?

It depends on the company, but most art shippers deliver across the country. For example, Fine Art Shippers has experience shipping works of art and antiques even to the most remote places in the United States by our own interstate art shuttles.

There are many expert art movers in NYC to choose from. To find the one that will fit you best, you have to be unafraid to ask questions and demand clarity. If we have not covered your questions in this article, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more details.