Art Shipping Insurance: An Investment You Will Never Regret

Art Shipping Insurance An Investment You Will Never Regret

Experienced professionals in the field of art logistics understand the importance of art shipping insurance. While contemporary methods of transportation are safer than ever, accidents may still happen. You should always make sure your precious possessions are protected from any possible damage as much as possible, starting with choosing the right packing supplies and ending with picking the right insurance company. If you are worried about the additional time and money you will have to spend on shipping insurance for your collection, then we have good news for you. You can save energy and resources by working with Fine Art Shippers.

Art Shipping Insurance: An Investment You Will Never Regret

Did you know that there are particular items some art insurance companies do not cover? For example, artworks made from glass or equally breakable materials might be difficult to ensure due to their fragility. Thus, choosing the right type of art shipping insurance might be tricky on your own, especially if you do not have prior experience with matters like this. Fine Art Shippers is glad to walk you through the process of finding a company that is right for you.

You might be thinking, “Well, my items are not even that breakable, surely they will be fine without insurance.” However, you might find that most art shipping companies will not agree with you. Such companies, including Fine Art Shippers, may even refuse to handle, ship, and store artworks that are not insured.

If you are worried about spending money on unnecessary services, Fine Art Shippers has your back here as well. Our experts will make sure that your experience purchasing art shipping insurance is as transparent as possible. We will offer an insurance package that excludes any redundant services and covers all of your valuables no matter the kind, size, and material.

As a company with over two decades of experience, Fine Art Shippers has heard its fair share of horror art transportation stories. While our professional art handlers do everything in their power to prevent accidents from happening, there are things they cannot control. We work tightly with insurance companies that specialize in protecting works of art and antiques to stay prepared at all times. Our team is happy to help you choose a solution that will suit your situation the most.

Ensure the utmost safety of your possessions by choosing a perfect insurance plan with the help of seasoned experts. Feel free to reach out to Fine Art Shippers whenever you need our help.