Professional Art Installer: The Creative Aspects of the Job

Professional Art Installer The Creative Aspects of the Job

Creativity is something integral to the art industry. While it is usually associated with professions like art curator, gallery manager, art appraiser, and, of course, artist, you might be surprised to find that even the more technical jobs have a dash of creativity in them. Take, for example, an art installer who makes sure the art you see at art galleries and museums stays put until the very end. Could one say that this profession is a creative one? Let’s try and find out together.

Is the Job of an Art Installer Creative or Simply Practical?

An art installer has to have an array of practical skills. Art installation experts are surprisingly well-versed in many different areas: for one, they have to have a good understanding of different kinds of art display systems, tools, and even wall structures. If an artwork installer places a painting hanging hook in the wrong spot, the artwork simply will not hold. Art installers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders because their mistake can cost a gallery or a museum a great deal of money.

One might think there are no creative elements in the art installation process. After all, an art installer is simply following the directions of an art curator or collector, who decides where a work of art will look better. That might be true to an extent, but saying that would be oversimplifying an incredibly complex task.

Indeed, there is also creativity in the job of an artwork installer. Someone who has practical skills can pinpoint an issue, but finding the right way to resolve it requires a creative mindset. Art installation experts know exactly how to approach different kinds of artwork and choose the right tools to fix any issue that arises effectively.

In addition, it is important to note that art handlers are often artists or collectors themselves. This means that they fully understand the fragility of art and, thus, can be trusted to treat it with the attention and care it deserves.

So, is artwork installation a creative task? We think that it certainly is! After all, in addition to being skilled professionals, the art handlers working with Fine Art Shippers are some of the most creative and talented people there are.