Advantages You Get from Professional Fine Art Installation

Advantages You Get from Professional Fine Art Installation

Artwork transportation is rarely limited only to moving the object from one place to another by a well-equipped, climate-controlled shuttle. In most cases, the service user wants to get the full spectrum of professional assistance from art handlers, which may also cover on-site packing of the art objects, their safe handling throughout the shipping process, and fine art installation at the destination point.

Obviously, you can try to arrange fine art installation on your own. You probably even have a visual concept of what it should look like once all art objects are in their places. Still, we strongly recommend considering professional help in the installation process, as fine art handlers have the full set of tools for the safe placement of your art objects with minimal damage to the walls or ceiling.

How to Tell You Need Fine Art Installation by Experts?

So, when should you consider using external help in fine art installation instead of opting for a DIY variant? Here are some cases in which neglecting the professional service is reckless, if not risky.

  • You have a large installation with many components, each of which should be placed at a specified height and distance from other elements. You may spend several days performing such an installation, and the result is not guaranteed.
  • You deal with old, fragile sculptures. Whenever it comes to antiques, you should seek professional help, as only well-trained art handlers can do the installation job safely and correctly.
  • You’re hosting an exhibition at a gallery with strict rules for art installation and deinstallation. In this case, you will need to comply with the guidelines and ensure minimal damage to the gallery’s physical space. Besides, art objects placed by professional installers will be much easier to disassemble later.

Right Positioning and Esthetic Look

One more serious reason to hire professionals for installation is the training and qualifications they have in art handling. These credentials enable them to give art owners wise recommendations for better art organization so that it fulfills its visual purpose and adds a modern, esthetic feel to the new location.

Talk to Us to Get Your Artwork Installed Well

As you can see, dealing with the fine art installation on your own may be hard, messy, and risky. That’s why Fine Art Shippers offers installation services as part of our art shipping service package for everyone who needs it. We have qualified experts who have a proven track record of successful art installation and can help you arrange artwork to amplify its visual appeal and impact.