Preparatory Steps to Take Before You Ship Antique Furniture

Preparatory Steps to Take Before You Ship Antique Furniture

Relocating is an exciting event, but moving all your property may take a toll on you and cause you sleepless nights and much worry. Especially serious is antique furniture, which requires special handling to maintain its integrity. Here is a preparatory guide for those who ship antique furniture; it will help you organize the process safely and preserve all your precious belongings.

What to Do Before You Ship Antique Furniture?

All furniture items need thorough packing for transportation, no matter how short. Yet, antique furniture requires even greater care and preparation. If you have little to no experience with furniture packaging, we recommend turning to professionals for expert packaging. Universal preparatory steps to relocate antique furniture are as follows.


  • Create an inventory for all items requiring shipping. When you ship antique furniture, it’s typical to have several objects transported at the same time. Preparation of furniture for shipment requires proper labeling and numbering of all objects. You should also take photos of the furniture before packaging so that you have documented evidence of the furniture’s original state.
  • Label the objects as fragile. Antique furniture is delicate and fragile, so it’s vital to label it correctly for movers to exercise caution and care at all transportation stages. Your objects may go through many hands in the process of shipment, and even professional movers need proper guidance on handling each item.
  • Avoid packaging with adhesive tapes. Tape is not recommended for furniture shipping, as it may damage the external layer or furniture coating. In exclusive situations, you may use duct tape for packaging, but it should be applicable only if other alternatives are not available. If you use tape, make sure you choose professional-level adhesive residue removers that won’t cause damage to the furniture.
  • Ship antique furniture with the help of professional services. Doing everything on your own will save you costs and probably some time, but it’s always risky to relocate antique furniture on your own. It always makes sense to hire professional antique furniture movers like Fine Art Shippers. This decision will guarantee that all your items are handled safely at every stage, from thorough packaging in your location to safe moving to the destination point.

Always Ship Antique Furniture with Professionals

Qualified help is a sure way to preserve your antique furniture in its original state and avoid cracks, scratches, or other types of damage in transit. Rely on professionals, and your valuables will be safe and sound, no matter how often you change locations.