How to Ship Antique Furniture Interstate? Insights from the Experts

How to Ship Antique Furniture Interstate

Moving antique furniture to a new location is not the same thing as moving modern pieces of furniture, even the most luxurious. These delicate and fragile objects always require a special approach and professional skills. At Fine Art Shippers, we have 27 years of experience in handling fine art, and we know exactly how to ship antique furniture.

In this blog post, we would like to give you an insight into how we work with antique furniture and what steps need to be taken before moving a piece of furniture interstate.

Time to Ship Antique Furniture: Steps to Take Before Moving 

To ensure the success of the transportation process, we always ask our clients to measure the piece of furniture to be shipped. The measurements must be very precise: these data are needed for all the following steps of the shipping service.

First of all, the dimensions of the furniture affect the final cost of the service. Before that, we can only give an approximate estimate.

Second, the client should measure all doorways, hallways, and stairways no less carefully than the piece of furniture itself. This is necessary in order to determine if it can be moved without any obstacles. If not, our specialists will definitely find a suitable solution. For example, some antique pieces of furniture can be disassembled for transportation. However, we need to know about this in advance, as it requires additional time and special tools. And yes, it may also affect the final cost of transportation.

Accurate measurements of the furniture pieces are also needed for transit insurance. Although we have nothing but positive experiences, insurance is always a good idea when you ship antique furniture. Unfortunately, no one knows what may happen in transit.

Finally, on the agreed day of transportation, our specialists come to the client to collect and pack antique furniture. We use only high-quality materials that suit the type and original qualities of the piece. These usually include moving blankets, bubble wrap, soft foam, and cardboard, but some pieces may require to be crated in wood for the utmost safety in transit.

Now you know what steps need to be taken to ship antique furniture interstate. At Fine Art Shippers, we would be happy to assist you in this delicate process, so please feel free to contact our team whenever you need our services.