Pigment Gallery — A Contemporary Art Gallery in Barcelona

Barcelona’s art scene plays an important role in the development, promotion, and distribution of contemporary art. The Catalan capital is known for its flourishing museums and galleries, leading contemporary artists, and people’s dedication to the art world overall. When sauntering through this magical city, one is bound to pay a visit to Pigment Gallery, a ground-breaking contemporary art gallery in the very heart of Barcelona. Let’s drop into this fantastic place to embrace the whole glory and richness of its art.

Pigment Gallery — A Contemporary Art Gallery in Barcelona

For the local and international audience, Pigment Gallery is on the list of the best galleries in Barcelona. Established in 2016, it has worked up a decent reputation in a relatively short time. Today, the gallery comes across as a perfect option for accomplished collectors and just people who are sensitive to art. Pigment Gallery aims at creating a wholesome environment where one can enjoy refined contemporary art, ranging from modern figurative to purest abstract art.

Pigment Gallery represents and promotes artists from Spain and other countries worldwide, establishing a firm foundation for sharing global experience and knowledge. Within the framework of this amazing contemporary art gallery, you can meet such names as David Morago, Diego Ferrari, Daniel Cuervo, Luis Feo, Manu vb Tintoré,  Penélope Clot, Rubén Martín de Lucas, Carlos Tárdez, Anne Kuhn, and Aurelio San Pedro, among others.

It is also worth mentioning that Pigment Gallery is living a vibrant life in terms of international art fairs. The LA Art Show, Art Madrid, and Art on Paper are just some of the most recent fairs where the gallery proudly showcased works by the represented artists. What is really striking is how this Barcelona-based gallery is pushing its agenda of sharing and investing in contemporary art globally. It is a great place, and you should definitely visit it at your first opportunity.