Painting Storage in NYC: What Should a Collector Expect from It?

Painting Storage in NYC

Storing works of art is a meticulous industry that requires attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of many nuances. Paintings, sculptures, and other artwork forms demand a stable, well-controlled environment and comprehensive security arrangements. So, how do you find a storage facility that checks all the boxes? Here, we cover all the fundamentals of choosing a top-tier painting storage in NYC for your precious assets. Read on to spot the best option and entrust your paintings to real pros.

Quality Criteria for Storage Selection

Whenever you are choosing a painting storage in NYC, we recommend including the following parameters in your checklist.

Climate Control

A stable climate, with optimal temperature and humidity conditions, is pivotal for artwork preservation in an intact form. Therefore, top-grade storage facilities install advanced climate control systems that may hinder bacterial growth and prevent the accumulation of mineral dust detrimental to paintings and sculptures.

State-of-the-Art Security

Fine art is very precious, in both monetary and non-monetary terms, so it often becomes an attraction point for thieves and criminals. Organizers of art storage should thus offer comprehensive protection against theft, which is guaranteed with alarm systems, movement detectors, and 24/7 oversight by trained security staff.

Trained Staff

Every reliable painting storage in NYC should be serviced by a qualified team of vetted professionals with domain-specific skills and expertise. All staff should have certifications related to handling fine art, which guarantees proper art handling at all stages of reception, storage, and discharge to the owner.

Museum-Grade Equipment

The world is unpredictable and insecure, so dependable storage should be well-prepared to handle all emergencies. This is best done with the help of an emergency backup generator that will ensure an uninterrupted, stable environment for gentle artwork, as well as a system of flood and fire detectors.

Fine Art Shippers Painting Storage in NYC: Your Optimal Choice

If you’re a security-conscious art collector wishing to work only with the best-in-class storage for your precious belongings, welcome to our premium-level facility in Upper Manhattan. Vetted experts with a background at the Van Gogh Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art have contributed their unique expertise to the design of climate control and security systems in our storage. Thus, you’re always guaranteed end-to-end care with a professional touch and comprehensive protection for your assets. Contact us today to get more details about our art storage services and terms.