Packing Electronics Safely for Shipping: Tips to Do It Right

How do you prepare to pack and send a package from the USA? If you are planning to engage general or fine art shippers to ship any type of electronic, this post shares tips and tricks that will help you do it effectively. As the post progresses, we shall look at how you can prepare different electronic devices for overseas shipping. Remain with us to advance your packing efficiency.

Early Unplugging

Before you send a package from the USA in the form of electronics, unplug them early. For instance, you have to unplug a fridge at least 24 hours before packing it to allow it to drain all the excess water and ice it has.

Check Device Manuals

Who said you must have a special genius for packing before you pack your electronics efficiently? One of the ways of getting around limited knowledge is looking at the device manual of the electronic you want to transport by air or sea since some of them have packing instructions.

Double Packing

To get the best out of your packing, double pack your electronics with glass screens. This extra caution will ensure that the items don’t break easily along the way. 


Are you planning to ship computers? If you do, then it is prudent to back up all the information it contains on a removable disk or in the cloud. The reason is that the computer can get damaged or lost in transit. But with a backup, you will rest assured your valuable information will be safe in such an unfortunate occurrence.

Remove Toners and Cartridges

If you are intending to send printers overseas, remove all the cartridges and toners. This will ensure that no accidental spillage occurs during transit. You should get a special zip-lock container to pack the cartridges and toners and include them in the cargo separately.

Record Details

Since anything can happen to your electronics, you should record all their details. For instance, record their make and serial numbers before packing them for shipping.

Account for Remotes and Cables

Cables are other important accessories you ought to take care of when packing your electronics. It is necessary to get a special bag to pack them to avoid damage and loss.

Remove External Devices

Lastly, remove all external devices connected to the electronics. For instance, remove all CDs and USBs before packing to avoid breakage.

We believe these tips on how to pack and send a package from the USA will help you pack your electronics safely and more orderly before shipping them overseas.