Packaging Art That Is Larger Than Life: 5 Tips for 2022

Packaging Art That Is Larger Than Life: 5 Tips for 2022

The complexity of art packaging consists of numerous factors that every person should pay attention to before the packing process begins. Among them, value and size are arguably the most significant ones. If a canvas or a sculpture is too large, you will need an extra pair of hands and more supplies as a result. As for the value of an artwork, the more it is pricey, the more attentive and careful you should be. Today, we are glad to share some packaging art tips that will help you pack art in 2022.

Packaging Art That Is Larger Than Life: 5 Tips for 2022

1. Consider a shape

A shape can make the packaging process even more difficult for packers. Every unusual curve or protrusion needs to be considered so that an entire artwork is safe. It is especially relevant for art with irregular shapes.

2. Protect corners

Protecting all corners and edges is another packaging art tip that can help you save art during transportation. Depending on the shape, these are some of the most vulnerable parts of artworks.

3. Be careful with framed art

When a large artwork has a frame with glass, you should do everything possible to protect it. There are certain peculiarities and rules that you should never break when shipping framed artwork.

4. Find someone to help you

Due to the size of the art, it is much safer and easier to pack it with someone’s help. Hiring an art shipping company would be the best choice. Otherwise, ask responsible people and friends for such help.

5. Opt for appropriate packing supplies

High-value art requires packing materials and equipment of superior quality. Avoid alternatives and don’t try to cut corners when you pack your artworks.

With those packaging art tips, packing large and valuable artworks won’t be a problem for you anymore. And if you don’t want to try your fortune, Fine Art Shippers is always ready to help you pack and ship your art to any destination whatsoever.