Objects: USA 2020 – A Landmark Art Exhibition at R & Company

R Company

Not so long ago, Fine Art Shippers had the pleasure of doing art pick-up and delivery for the amazing R & Company, an NYC-based gallery specializing in collectible design, both historic and contemporary. Our team delivered Jun Kaneko’s beautiful ceramic sculpture “Sanbon Ashi” for Objects: USA 2020, a landmark art exhibition that is currently on view at the gallery’s 64 White Street space. The show is open to the public, so be sure to visit R & Company to enjoy this and many other masterpieces of art and design.

Objects: USA 2020 – A Landmark Art Exhibition at R & Company

Objects: USA 2020 is a landmark art exhibition that explores American arts through a gorgeous selection of handmade works by 100 artists, including 50 historical artists and 50 contemporary makers. All of the artists featured at Objects: USA 2020 reflect a diversity of medium, origin, background, and age. The exhibition is aimed directly at the core component of R & Company’s work that is to contribute to the creation of the important museum and private collections.

Among the highlights of Objects: USA 2020 is “Yo Soy Boricua: A DNA Study” in resin and acrylic paint (pictured) by Roberto Lugo who has established himself as one of America’s most erudite and wide-ranging ceramic artists. Other notable contemporary artists featured at the exhibition include John Souter, Tiff Massey, Misha Kahn, Serban Ionescu, and the Haas Brothers, to name just a few. Their works are displayed alongside art and design pieces by Jun Kaneko, Arline Fisch, Doyle Lane, Wendell Castle, Sheila Hicks, Lenore Tawney, and other 20th-century pioneers.

Objects: USA 2020 is curated by Glenn Adamson, Evan Snyderman, Abby Bangser, and James Zemaitis. The landmark art exhibition is on view at R & Company through July 2021.