NYC: Jobs for Art Handlers

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Art handling is a very difficult profession that needs much attention and responsibility. The set of duties of art handlers is very wide because such specialists are responsible for different operations with various pieces of art. NYC jobs for art handlers include the following duties: packing and unpacking of artworks, the development of routes for future transportation, installing and deinstalling pieces of art for exhibitions. Sometimes, NYC jobs for art handlers may also include the delivery of some pieces of art when an art handler works as an attendant during transportation. In such cases, art handlers may even travel internationally with these items. In general, NYC jobs for art handlers require people who can ensure the safety of valuable pieces of art.

NYC Jobs for Art Handlers in Details

The range of art handlers’ responsibilities is wide; that is why it is important to investigate them in detail.

Packing and unpacking are procedures requiring substantial art handling experience and skills because people should know how to pack any type of artwork before transportation, what type of package to use in each specific case, and what fillers are necessary to fix an artwork within the package.

Loading and unloading also need art handlers’ attention. Many transport companies have either staff art handlers or cooperate with them in case of any difficulties. The Fine Art Shippers company has been working in the sphere of antique items transportation for a long time; that is why we have full-time art handlers accompanying our orders. The presence of art handlers is necessary because they help drivers place boxes or crates within the vehicle or a shipping container and fix them properly to avoid any movement that can damage artworks.

Transportation is also included in a set of art handlers’ responsibilities. Sometimes, art handlers help develop the best and shortest routes for further relocation; sometimes, they accompany valuable pieces of art or provide courier services.

Exhibitions cannot go without experienced art handlers because these professionals know how to install and deinstall different pieces of art. These people make sure that each artwork is installed safely and monitor their condition.

To summarize, art handlers take care of the precious pieces of art and make sure they stay safe during transportations or exhibitions. Competent and experienced art handlers are difficult to find, so do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers if you need professional art handling services.