NYAFAIR – A NYC Art Fair Hosted by NYA Gallery

Running May 2-5, 2019 at Randall’s Island Park, Frieze New York is one of the most important annual events gathering art collectors, artists, and curators from all over the world. However, it is not the only art fair you should visit in New York this May. At Fine Art Shippers, we would like to draw your attention to NYAFAIR, an important meeting point for art admirers, critics, buyers, and creative practitioners, which will also be held during Frieze New York art week, on May 2-5.


NYAFAIR is a seasonal contemporary art fair hosted by NYA Gallery, an artist-led gallery located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. Conceived as a response to Frieze New York, it represents an alternative art fair featuring an array of art pieces in different media, ranging from painting to sculpture. Dealers and artists will showcase their works at the gallery’s venue in the heart of Tribeca, which has three levels: a 9,000 sq. ft. exhibition space on the first level, artist studios on the second level, and a fine art storage facility along with an international residency program on the third level.

It is also worth noting that the opening of NYAFAIR will coincide with several other gallery exhibitions and related receptions held at NYA Gallery’s venue during the first week of May. These include a solo exhibition dedicated to the painter and dancer Gene Myers, the “Heal” show, and Gallery 104’s “Nurture” exhibition. Each of them definitely deserves your time and attention!

Photo credit: NYA Gallery/newyorkart.com