Neon Sign Packaging, or How to Transport Light Artwork Safely

Neon Sign Packaging, or How to Transport Light Artwork Safely

A neon sign is a unique artwork that requires special care and accuracy. Correct neon sign packaging is one of the main challenges during transportation. Compliance with just a few important points lets the owner receives their work safe and sound.

Rules of the Competent Neon Sign Packaging

The specifics of the neon sign packaging depend primarily on the characteristics of the work itself. For example, is it assembled or not? Neon tubes separated from the frame should be additionally fastened. Fixation, as a whole, is the main principle to follow during neon sign packaging.

The packaging should be quite close-fitting to amortize the external impact, but the walls of the box shouldn’t touch the neon tubes to avoid damage. Restauration of the neon sign is a complicated and costly process. It can be even more expensive than buying a new artwork. Besides, it means repeated transportation and risks.

Rigid foam is quite often used in packaging because it can repeat the form of the item. The best way to ship work is to put it into a double-wall box and fill the space with amortizing material between the walls.

Neon sign packaging becomes easier when the artwork has a frame. In this case, the frame gets possible pressure, but not the neon tubes. Tubes with and without frames are surrounded by foam to redirect the pressure of the box walls on them.

In addition to the common “fragile” or “glass” stickers, a box with neon art is marked with stickers or stamps pointed to the right side of the package. It allows for maintaining its original position.

Neon Sign Packaging, or How to Transport Light Artwork Safely

What to Choose: Cardboard Boxes or Wooden Crates?

Two common variants for neon sign packaging are cardboard boxes and wooden crates. Durable cardboard boxes can be an option in some cases, for example, when it comes to moving a small piece locally. However, in most cases, a wooden crate is the best option since neon art pieces are very delicate and fragile. Besides, a crate is the only right solution if the item is heavy and bulky or if it should be shipped across the world.

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