Must-See Miami Art Week Highlights from Redwood Art Group

Must-See Miami Art Week Highlights from Redwood Art Group

Miami Art Week is approaching its end, so active visitors with plenty of time and unending curiosity have already scanned the majority of venues and shaped their opinion about this year’s gems. Fine Art Shippers is also an active participant in Miami Art Week 2023, attending the art fairs as an assisting shipper for artists and galleries and delivering art to collectors. So, what do we recommend visiting within the remaining days of this large-scale artistic event? Here are a couple of Redwood Art Group’s curated fairs we sincerely loved.

Must-See Miami Art Week Highlights from Redwood Art Group

Redwood Art Group is one of the leading art curator projects in the US, an entity with almost seven decades of experience in the art industry and a long list of iconic projects. This December, it is presented with Red Dot Miami and SPECTRUM Miami.

Red Dot Miami

This art fair was established in 2006, so this year is the 17th edition of Red Dot Miami. It features plenty of contemporary artists, ranging from blue chip masters to emerging stars, to give visitors a unique glimpse at the cutting-edge directions in artistic perspectives. In 2023, Red Dot has a long list of participants covering 60+ well-known art galleries from the USA and other countries. The fair hosts various art media, spanning across painting, sculpture, 3D walls, and photography. The expected audience of the show exceeds 38,000 per year, including both art lovers and seasoned art collectors.


Located side by side with Red Dot Miami, SPECTRUM Miami is another creative product of Redwood Art Group. It takes place for the 13th consecutive year within the framework of Miami Art Week. The art fair mainly features works by independent studios and artists. It includes the Spotlight Program with a thoroughly curated selection of cutting-edge artists and galleries, the Discoveries Collection with affordable items under $3,000, and Art Labs offering special projects that every art enthusiast will undoubtedly enjoy.

Miami Art Fairs Are Waiting for You

As you can see, there’s so much to visit and experience in Miami these days. The Miami Art Week events will last for two more days, giving you an exciting opportunity to embrace contemporary art and shop for new artwork. Once you strike a deal and get your much-desired art piece by your favorite artist, it’s time to contact Fine Art Shippers and organize its safe shipping to your location. We’ll be happy to assist you with bringing your new precious possessions home.