More Than Art Storage in NYC: A New Level of Customer Experience

More Than Art Storage in NYC

Your precious art deserves utmost care and attention at all stages of handling, whether it’s a well-equipped display room in your house or a secure, climate-controlled storage space. Thus, when it comes to choosing art storage in NYC, you may encounter a dilemma.

With so many offers in the highly competitive NYC market, which storage will check all the boxes on your quality checklist? Let’s see what a high-quality storage option should contain and what valuable extras Fine Art Shippers is ready to provide.

What Do You Typically Expect from an Art Storage in NYC?

Fine art requires thorough climate control for secure storage, as canvas, oil, and other materials used in art production are highly susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Thus, your storage’s core task is to guarantee the minimal risk of artwork degradation because of the wrong climate settings. An advanced climate-control system with 24/7 monitoring and a backup for electricity shutdowns can address this need.

Second, it is imperative to guarantee full security of the storage space, with access restricted only to authorized staff and 24/7 video control system setups to prevent theft and intrusion.

Third, every secure storage should have early warning and detection systems for all kinds of calamities, like fire or flood, to preserve art from destruction. Thus, you should check for the presence of fire suppression, smoke detection, and flood detection sensors when you’re auditing the potential storage for your art collection.

Fine Art Shippers Takes Customer Experience One Step Further

With all points from the previous section taken into account, Fine Art Shippers has gone the extra mile to make your usage of art storage in NYC more feature-rich and beneficial. We have created a storage space inspired by years of close collaboration with art owners, collectors, dealers, and institutions. Thus, we know that your storage needs often go beyond simply finding a spot where your artwork can spend some time before shipment or exhibition.

Our carefully designed and fully equipped storage in Upper Manhattan serves all your needs for proper storage and handling. If you have a prospective buyer wishing to view one of your belongings, we can arrange a viewing session in our specially equipped viewing room to free you from the hassle of transportation. Besides, we provide art collection management services to keep you updated about the collection’s inventory. Contact us to find out more about these services and book a spot for your art collection in the most convenient and customer-friendly storage space in New York.