Viewing Rooms in Artwork Storage Facilities: An Exclusive Service

Viewing Rooms in Artwork Storage Facilities

The art industry is a world where people love with their eyes. How you present the work of art you are selling plays a huge role in how it will be perceived by the client. You know better than anyone that simply finding a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing piece is not enough to seal the deal. This is why you need the viewing space to highlight your artwork’s unique personality. To help you showcase your collection in its best light, Fine Art Shippers offers an exclusive viewing room in a specialized artwork storage facility.

Viewing Rooms in Artwork Storage Facilities: An Exclusive Service

What are viewing rooms?

Viewing rooms are small exhibition spaces that can be found in galleries and artwork storage facilities. They are used by art dealers, gallery managers, and art collectors to showcase art to potential clients. Unlike permanent exhibitions, viewing rooms only display artwork for a very short period and remain empty until they are booked again for another viewing session.

But what makes viewing rooms different from regular art spaces? To start, they are completely neutral. A viewing space cannot have any elements that would distract the visitors from the works of art. They must also be spacious to accommodate artwork in various sizes and mediums. Viewing rooms must be universal to be able to display a variety of artworks without taking the spotlight away from them.

Viewing rooms always have to be booked in advance because art handlers need time to properly prepare for the artwork showing. They will need to bring in the works of art, unpack them, and install them. The by-appointment-only policy also helps ensure unauthorized visitors cannot freely enter the art storage facility. Since viewing rooms are located inside storage facilities that hold valuable works of art and antiques, they need to be strictly monitored at all times.

Why you should choose a fine art storage facility

The imperfect condition of your collection can influence its desirability and value. Thus, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a fine art storage service is its security and safety. But even the most beautiful and perfectly maintained piece can fall flat in the wrong environment. This is why choosing Fine Art Shippers’ fine art storage facility is the best decision you can make to ensure the success of your deals.