Mobile Art Apps Recommended by Fine Art Handlers

Mobile Art Apps

We live in a world of mobile technology, with easy access to all sorts of information, online shopping, social media, accounts, and many other useful things. This all becomes possible largely due to mobile apps that are now available for everyone. Fine Art Shippers is no exception. As a leading fine art shipping company in NYC, we constantly use our mobile devices for managing all the necessary art shipping info, tracking our trucks while they are en route, monitoring the process of art moving in New York, and many other purposes. Aimed at providing only the best fine arts shipping services, we are always looking for new ways to ensure that our clients have the best art shipping experience ever, and mobile apps help us greatly in our ongoing work.

However, while there are many useful apps for professional fine art handlers, there are also many apps for connoisseurs of art. In fact, the latest mobile technology allows people to enjoy art even on the go. From capturing the upcoming art shows and sales to joining live auctions, there is a special art app that can provide you with everything you need. Below is our list of the most interesting apps every connoisseur of art should keep in mind!

1. Artsy – serves as a link between an art seller and a buyer, allowing the user to join live auctions from thousands of international galleries and auction houses offering over 400,000 artworks for sale.

2. ART.WORLD – serves as the world’s exhibition guide, providing an opportunity to quickly find art exhibitions and shows in nearly 500 cities worldwide, get directions, browse user reviews, and view contact details.

3. City Art Search – serves as a pocket collection of art masterpieces, giving the user access to more than 8,600 art pieces, including details of their creation and current location.

4. Magnus – serves as Shazam for art, allowing the user to instantly find out the artist, title, price, and all other information about the piece of art he or she is interested in. Just take a photo!

5. WikiArt – serves as an ultimate art reference, providing the user with comprehensive information about 150,000 artworks, including those that are not on public display.

Hopefully, this list compiled by our fine art handlers will help you stay in touch with the amazing world of art whenever and wherever you want!