Mixed Media Art Transportation: Your Ultimate Safety Manual

Mixed Media Art Transportation: Your Ultimate Safety Manual

Mixed media art has become highly popular among contemporary art collectors, so there is a great variety of artwork objects to choose from. You can purchase a college, an assemblage, a sculpture with other art elements, installation art, and even wet-and-dry media art. These items produce an unforgettable esthetic impression on the viewer and may become a gem in any collection. However, getting them to your location safe and sound may turn into a challenge because of the intricacies of mixed media art transportation.

What Is Mixed Media Art?

Mixed media art is not new; it has evolved throughout history as a creative artistic approach that allows for pushing the boundaries of two-dimensional artwork and experimenting with the diversity of available materials and methods. Such art objects can be very different from what we’re used to. For instance, the oil painting may be performed not on canvas but on some three-dimensional object, or a canvas may feature fragments of oil painting intermingled with paper applications. Anything can be a medium in such a piece of art, whether it’s a plastic bottle, a piece of scrap metal, or a retro audio tape.

One of the first artists to experiment with mixed media was Pablo Picasso, and the tradition started expanding and gaining popularity throughout the 20th century, giving art connoisseurs plenty of varied mixed media art forms to admire.

What Does Mixed Media Art Transportation Involve?

As soon as you buy one of such works, you should think of mixed media art transportation services. You definitely need an experienced art shipper who knows the intricacies of handling various types of art, including mixed media objects. They will evaluate the artwork and its components to decide on the best packaging technique for its safe transportation.

In some cases, the shadowboxing technique may be used to protect the artwork. The object may also require additional crating if it travels overseas, is too heavy and large, or contains fragile elements. It’s also essential to label the artwork’s package properly, showing where its top and bottom are, indicating its dimensions, and notifying all art handlers that the object inside the box or crate is fragile.

Entrust Your Unique Artwork to Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers can become your vital aid in the process of planning and executing mixed media art transportation. This task is manageable for our experts, as we’ve been in the industry for almost 30 years and have accumulated vast domain-specific expertise in handling all types of art. Contact us to learn the details and get your mixed media artwork delivered to you without worries and problems; we can make this happen.