Shadowboxing Mixed Media Art Pieces Is the Best Way to Ship Them

Shadowboxing Mixed Media Art Pieces Is the Best Way to Ship Them

Did you know that shadowboxing is not just a sports term? Art can also be shadowboxed. No, this does not include damaging works of art. On the contrary, shadowboxes are often used to preserve and protect artwork. They are traditionally used for showcasing art because they usually feature a window made from transparent or semi-transparent plastic. But shadowboxes are also perfect for art transportation, especially for shipping fragile pieces. Today, let’s talk about the process of shadowboxing mixed media art pieces.

Shadowboxing Mixed Media Art Pieces: More Than a Pretty Display

Mixed media art varies in shapes, sizes, and materials. It is impossible to create a packaging solution that would fit all mixed media pieces in the world because they are all different by definition. So, why do professional art handlers prefer shadowboxing mixed media art pieces for shipping?

The thing is, not all packaging materials marry well with all mediums. For example, using non-acid-free plastic wrap to package oil-based paintings can seriously damage their surface. Since mixed media art can combine different materials, it is crucial to use packaging supplies that suit all of them.

When expert art handlers shadowbox mixed media artwork, they only use non-acidic materials, such as acid-free paper or art plastic, to make the see-through window. Although transparent, the plastic is pretty thick and sturdy. In addition, they make sure that the piece of plastic is attached far enough from the work of art so that it does not touch it. The plastic window is usually secured using non-reactive adhesive. Then, once the shadowbox is ready, the work of art is centered inside to minimize the points of contact with the box. All these steps allow art handlers to ensure that even the most fragile pieces arrive at their destination safely.

Shadowboxing Mixed Media Art Pieces Is the Best Way to Ship Them

Shadowboxes are made from sturdy, double-wall cardboard that can withstand shock, vibration, and other kinds of physical impact. Besides, the sturdy cardboard walls prevent the piece from outside influences like abrupt changes in temperature or humidity, which can cause severe damage to the artwork.

Where to find the best shadowboxing service?

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