Meet Andrew Fitt, an Amazing Trinidadian Digital Artist Who Inspires

Andrew Fitt

Art is not only about talent and technique; it is also about hard work, passion, and incredible desire to create, despite everything. Most artists need to come a long way to become successful and earn a living with their art. Some of them need to do even more and completely change the rules of the game accepted in society. At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy and excited to have met one such artist, whose life’s story is worth telling and whose art is worth seeing. Please meet Andrew Fitt, an amazing Trinidadian digital artist with cerebral palsy.

Andrew Fitt – An Amazing Trinidadian Digital Artist Who Inspires

Andrew Fitt, an Amazing Trinidadian Digital Artist Who InspiresAndrew J Fitt is a digital artist from Trinidad and Tobago. He was born in 1973 in a hospital on the island of St. Lucia, with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. The brain injury caused cerebral palsy and affected Andrew’s motor functions and muscle control. It took years for him to learn to speak and walk – two things that usually come naturally to most people – and it took even more to find a way to express his creativity. Yes, despite his physical challenges, Andrew Fitt is an incredibly talented and creative person who wants to leave his mark in the arts industry.

Andrew Fitt graduated from the International Fine Arts College in Miami, majoring in 3D Animation. However, quite soon, he understood that he was more interested in graphic and digital art. Technological developments and innovative applications allowed Andrew to create art on his terms, using digital means instead of paints and brushes, which opened a whole world of possibilities for the artist with special needs.

Andrew Fitt has been exhibiting in Trinidad since 2000. He has already had several solo shows, and his works have been showcased at international art exhibitions and fairs, including the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach. Art is his life, his passion, and the hard work that he does every day to achieve his goal. Andrew Fitt is a digital artist who inspires and encourages people to move forward no matter what. His art is amazing, and it is definitely worth exploring and buying.

Andrew Fitt, an Amazing Trinidadian Digital Artist Who Inspires

Photo courtesy of Andrew J Fitt