Looking for Safe Art Transport? Fine Art Shippers is an Answer

Looking for Safe Art Transport? Fine Art Shippers is an Answer

Art transport services have been in constant evolution for about 100 years now. A century ago, horse-drawn carts were used by movers to deliver artworks, causing safety concerns among artists, collectors, and curators. With time, they were replaced with high-end trucks driven by specialized experts who know how to keep art pieces safe throughout the transportation process. The truth is that safe art transport is a must, and art owners should know how to choose an art shipping company that they can trust.

What Makes Safe Art Transport?

With a variety of art exhibitions, museum shows, art fairs, and festivals nowadays, artworks are shipped all the time. Their safety is a key issue, but what does this safety consist of?

When it comes to road freight, it’s all about trucks. Art logistics companies either have their own trucks or rent them from third-party leasers.  In either case, a vehicle should be optimized for transporting works of art short and long distances. Safe art transport usually comes with:

Climate control: temperature and humidity influence the condition of the transported artworks. Climate control maintains those two parameters and creates a safe environment for art even during the most severe conditions.

Air suspension: in laymen’s terms, air suspension means less vibration and harshness on the road. A truck’s versatility on different types of terrain reduces the risk of breakages, especially when you ship glass or some fragile antiques.

Track-and-trace system: this system provides you with full access to delivery status via online applications. No longer do you need to worry about your artworks in transit and call the company managers several times a day.

Speaking of sea and air modes of art transport, safety lies in the reliability of the hired company’s partners that will take care of the freight in a country of destination. Other important safety aspects include customs and legal procedures. Art shippers should arrange all the paperwork and supervise all inspections, which will ensure the unencumbered shipment of your valuables to a final point.

Fine Art Shippers Is Safety Without Borders

If you are looking for safe art transport for shipping your art across the United States or abroad, Fine Art Shippers is a sure bet proved by time and thorough testing. Our trucks are operated by experienced shippers who can pack and handle artworks quickly and efficiently. More than that, we have partners all around the world, so it won’t be a problem for us to transport your items from the US to Europe, Asia, and Africa. For better convenience, use our art shipping quote to request safe art transport services.