Looking for Art Installation Companies? Questions You Should Ask

Art Installation Companies

When preparing for an exhibition at a gallery or decorating your space with new art pieces, making sure the installation job is done well is a must. But how does one pick the best service provider among all others? We came up with five questions you should ask art installation companies before hiring them.

Looking for Art Installation Companies? Questions You Should Ask

What kind of art do you work with?

This should be the first thing you discuss with your service providers. There are limitless kinds of art forms and mediums in the contemporary art world, from classic canvases and sculptures to huge outdoor installations and mixed media pieces. You have to be specific about which materials make up your work of art. This way, you can be sure the art installation company of your choice can adequately accommodate your needs.

What installation systems do you use?

This question might not be all that helpful to you if you are not someone who is part of the art industry. However, if this is not your first rodeo, and you know exactly what you want, it might be a good idea to check if the company works with your preferred art installation systems. And, if not, the fine art handling company can propose an alternative solution that might work just as well.

Do you do site visits?

While this is not always necessary, sometimes, art installers can come to your location to assess the situation. Doing that can help them better understand the space they will be working with. In addition, you will be able to meet the real-life people behind the job, not just a faceless operator you spoke with on the phone or through email.

What are your working hours?

Sometimes, art installers have to operate in places where noise is not allowed, for example, offices. To find a way to perform their services without disturbing anyone, they can come in the evening or even at night. If the art installation team’s schedule aligns with yours, you know you have met your match.

What are your rates?

This is a necessary question you should never be too shy to ask. A great way to do that is to request a free quote from the company you are looking to hire.

There are a lot of reliable art installation companies out there, but do not be afraid to spend some time searching for the one that is perfect for you.