Local Fine Art Transportation & Everything Connected With It


An ancient vase, antique cupboard, paintings by famous artists – all these fine art items have to be transported from time to time, which is almost impossible to be done without professional New York moving services. That is why Fine Art Shippers are always ready to give you a helping hand! Our team of experienced specialists will help you choose the right package and transportation method to ensure that your precious artwork will reach the destination in complete safety. So what are the main features of our local moving services?

Most fine art objects have non-standard shapes with different dimensions, so usual packaging like a cardboard box is unlikely to fit. Each item requires a special approach and the use of the certain packaging material. For example, you simply cannot transfer Chinese vases without special packaging film and soft foam rubber, while a sculpture of an impressive size requires a custom built crate that will allow to fix each element. Moreover, professionals will never put several items in a single box; each of them should always have a separate packaging. As you can see, there are numerous nuances and even more responsibility, as every piece of fine art is unique, and its safety should prevail over everything else. Besides, the way of transportation is no less important than the type of packaging and also has its own nuances (e.g. the old grandfather clock should never be put horizontally or placed close to the vehicle body). In this way, signing a contract with a shipping company, you get the full service that also includes expert evaluation of transported artworks. However, in order to avoid unforeseen consequences, it won’t be amiss to insure all of the unique things for the time of NY relocation.

Because of the non-standard size of most art pieces, it is necessary to use special equipment, as well as services provided by professional fine art movers and art handlers. For example, if you need to move antique hand-carved furniture, which is famous for its size, keep in mind that it can cause a lot of problems. However, Fine Art Shippers have experienced specialists who can carefully disassemble and assemble it without causing any damage. Besides, after unloading at the new location, you can unpack the boxes in the presence of the shipping company’s representative to make sure that all items are in their pristine condition. Thereby, to transport fine art without experience and special tools is indeed a risky task, so to use New York moving services provided by Fine Art Shippers is always a smart choice.