Limited-Edition Design Pieces at Outdoorz Gallery

Whether it comes to moving a huge outdoor sculpture or shipping chairs by a renowned designer overseas, Fine Art Shippers is the solution you are looking for! Possessing 20+ years of experience, we can handle absolutely any task, no matter big or small. Moreover, we offer professional furniture moving services that include everything from pick up and packing to white glove delivery and installation. Besides, at Fine Art Shippers, we don’t have any size or weight limitations and can ship art and antiques of any type. This all allows us to serve many designers, artists, furniture showrooms, and galleries, shipping chairs, tables, cabinets, musical instruments, fine art, and a whole range of other items for them and their clients. It is also impossible not to note that Fine Art Shippers would be happy to work with Outdoorz Gallery, a truly amazing online gallery offering limited-edition design pieces for any taste.

Outdoorz Gallery

Outdoorz Gallery is an online gallery that has been based in Paris since 2009. Its major specialization is limited-edition design pieces created by both established and emerging designers from around the world. Focused on absolute professionalism and creativity, Outdoorz Gallery is exactly the place where you can find original designer furniture and accessories by some of the most talented contemporary artists and award-winning designers who have been recognized in their field. Highly recommended!

At Fine Art Shippers, we look forward to working with Outdoorz Gallery and helping them with any of their logistics needs, from shipping chairs overseas to moving an entire collection of design pieces to its new home!