Keep Your Art Warehouse Safe and Secure With These Tips

As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate. Hiring a professional to store and transport your artwork is probably not in the budget. However, you should know that the safest and the most secure way for you to protect your work is by keeping it in a warehouse. The security of your art can be affected by many different factors including the way you pack it, who takes it to and from the warehouse, security systems at your warehouse itself.

Therefore, here are some tips for keeping your art warehouse safe and secure:

Pack Your Art in Shipping Containers

When you pack your art for storage, choose a shipping container that is the right size. This will provide adequate security and prevent any accidents. The type of material or box you use also needs to be sturdy so it can handle frequent handling. If possible, purchase boxes made of corrugated cardboard since this is recyclable and easy to cut through when thieves are trying to steal your work. Also, make sure the containers are well sealed to avoid any dust. If you do not have any boxes on hand, make sure your art is wrapped in cloth or plastic sheets for protection against moisture and dust.

Use Remote Video Surveillance

Using a video surveillance system means that you can track the activity at your warehouse or art storage location. For example, you can view what’s happening in real-time from an app on your phone. But make sure to use cameras with high resolution for this purpose so thieves cannot cover them up and avoid being recorded.

There are many different video monitoring options available in the US including wireless technology to make it easy for you to install the system yourself. As the security experts from Kooi in the United States explain, by hiring a professional warehousing service specialized in securing art and other valuables, you will get unbiased advice about how to keep your art warehouse secure. You will also benefit from their expertise in handling, transportation, insurance coverage, security systems set up around the facility, temperature control, and climate control systems.

Use Security Alarm Systems on Your Artwork

There are security devices available for artwork that you can use to protect your art while it’s being stored or transported by professionals. You may want to consider using motion sensor alarms, which can be placed on the individual pieces of work and triggered when someone tries to touch them without permission. Some alarm systems are automated, where you are sent an email whenever movement is detected around your work.

Store Your Artwork off the Floor

This may seem like common sense, but remember that anything within an easy reach of a thief will be targeted first. An easy way to do this is by placing your art at least five feet from the floor. This will also make it harder for thieves to transport, as they would have to bring a ladder or some other type of equipment. Storing them at an increased height will also keep them safe if there are any water leaks in the warehouse. Additionally, make sure your storage location is free from any mold, mildew, insects, or rodents.

Hire a Reputable Warehouse Operator

If possible, look for an established company with a record of dependability in the industry. This way you are assured that your art will be kept safe since they have already passed certification standards required by regulatory bodies like FFI and AAM. Use websites that specialize in warehouse operators so you can find one in your area. Sometimes, this may require that you travel some distance, but if it means keeping your art secure, then it’s worth it. You can also get recommendations from other artists or gallerists who might already be using the services of reputable warehouses in your area.

Keep Your Art Warehouse Safe and Secure With These Tips

Store Your Art in a Climate-Controlled Warehouse

Make sure you choose a facility with climate control, as this will ensure the safety of your artwork from humidity, extreme temperatures, dirt, and dust. In some parts of the country, experts recommend that warehouses maintain a constant temperature between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid cracking or warping. It’s also best not to store anything on concrete floors, as these can become slippery when wet, which is why storing your art at least six inches above the surface is very important. Also, keep your art away from heating or ventilation systems that blow air directly on them.

There are several things to keep in mind when looking for an art warehouse or storage facility. While it may seem like common sense, you should always pay extra attention to these tips and put them into practice. This way, you can be sure that your art will remain safe even while stored in a professional warehouse.