Is There Such a Need for Art Handler When Shipping Artwork?

Is There Such a Need for Art Handler When Shipping Artwork

We have heard the following question many times, “Is there such a need for an art handler when shipping artworks? Isn’t it enough to hire regular movers or rent a truck to successfully ship a piece of art?” If you are also wondering whether it is worth it to hire a professional art handler to ship your fine art or antiques, this blog post may be useful for you. 

Hiring an Art Handler When Shipping Artwork

We will not keep you waiting for an answer. It is almost impossible to replace an art handler when shipping artwork, especially a valuable one. Art handlers are responsible for all the major processes of preparing and shipping the item. In fact, it is largely up to them whether the artwork arrives at its destination in complete safety or with damage.

Art handlers’ responsibilities extend beyond traditional shipping services. Art handlers are responsible for packing artwork to protect it during transportation. They use materials such as acid-free paper, kraft bubble, and foam, depending on the specific dimensions and needs of each piece. For some types of artwork, they may recommend using art crates for additional protection. Many art handlers are skilled carpenters who can build a custom wooden crate onsite.

Art handlers are trained to handle delicate and valuable items with the utmost care. This also includes the use of specialized equipment and tools designed to minimize the risk of damage to the artwork during loading and unloading.

Art handlers also coordinate the logistics of moving artwork from one location to another. This includes arranging for appropriate vehicles with climate control if required, which is often critical to maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels during transportation. Typically, these vehicles are also equipped with tracking systems, GPS devices, and other security technologies to monitor and protect the shipment.

In addition, art handlers are responsible for the professional installation and deinstallation of artworks in exhibition spaces, galleries, and collectors’ homes. This involves carefully positioning, leveling, and securing the artwork according to the client’s specifications.

As you can see, it’s hard to replace an art handler when shipping fine art pieces. If you are looking for professionals in this field, don’t hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We have over 27 years of experience in transporting and installing delicate works of art, along with many positive reviews.