Cross-Country Art Shuttle The Smartest Way of Art Trucking

Cross Country Art Shuttle The Smartest Way of Art Trucking

Did you know that fine art trucking can be cost-effective and high-quality at the same time? It’s not a miracle when it comes to art shuttle services by Fine Art Shippers. In this blog post, you will learn about the benefits of using an art shuttle to transport your fine art, antiques, fine furniture, and other collectibles. 

Art Shuttle: Fine Art Trucking Service by Fine Art Shippers 

An art shuttle is a special art trucking service by Fine Art Shippers. It is designed for private collectors, art fair organizers, museum curators, artists, gallery owners, and other people from the fine art sphere, who need to ship valuable items long distance and want to get a premium class service at a reasonable price.

We arrange our art trucking service in the following way. First, we collect the orders from our clients for the transportation of their artworks. Then, we summarize the information about the requirements and specific wishes of our clients and arrange the route with several stops during transit. As a result, our art shuttles follow a schedule that ensures that your artwork will arrive on the required date and time. We usually start in New York, and then go along the East Coast or across the whole country. That’s how we manage to save on long-distance shipping: the price of fuel and technical maintenance becomes much lower compared to dedicated deliveries for individual shipments. And, not to forget, this way of shipping art is much more environmentally friendly.

All other delivery parameters do not differ from our most luxurious services. Our professional art handlers use only the highest-quality packing materials. For the most fragile pieces, we build custom wooden crates. Our vehicles are equipped with everything needed for a safe move of fine art and antiques, including strong fastening facilities, air conditioning, climate control, air-ride suspension, security alarms, and modern GPS tracking. Besides, all of our drivers have extensive experience moving fragile and valuable possessions, so you won’t have to worry.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and trustworthy fine art trucking service, Fine Art Shippers would be happy to offer you our art shuttles. You can request a free quote using the special form on our website or call us directly to discuss the details.