Investment Quality Artworks at Edelman Arts

At Fine Art Shippers, we can crate and ship absolutely any artwork, no matter how fragile, large, delicate, or heavy it is. Our team has extensive experience in handling antique sculptures, porcelain, Old Master paintings, and a whole range of other amazing art pieces of any kind. This all allows us to work with many prominent galleries, auction houses, and dealers, for whom we crate and ship artworks on an ongoing basis. However, while Fine Art Shippers is very delighted to count so many art business professionals among our regular clients, we are always ready to work with new galleries, both big and small. For example, we would be really happy to crate and ship artworks for the amazing Edelman Arts located on the Upper East Side of NYC.

Edelman Arts

Edelman Arts is an outstanding gallery. The fact is that it is one of only a few art galleries in New York where you can find investment quality artworks for any taste. For instance, Edelman Arts has a fantastic collection of antiquities, ranging from anthropomorphic statues to Roman and Greek art pieces. Besides, it offers unique Old Master paintings and a superb selection of Impressionist and Modern works of art by such masters as Pierre Auguste Renoir, Kazimir Malevich, and Paul Cezanne. Edelman Arts is also known for its fine selection of contemporary art, which includes artworks by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Ryman, Willem de Kooning, Keith Haring, and many other famous artists. This art gallery is definitely a must-visit destination in NYC for investment quality artworks!