Interesting Art Websites Every Art Lover Should Know About

Interesting Art Websites Every Art Lover Should Know About

The Internet has penetrated all areas of life, and art is no exception. Any contemporary artist who wants to succeed in this day and age must have an online portfolio. To get access to museum collections, you just need a smartphone and some free time. Many galleries have already fully shifted to online-only mode and host exhibitions in virtual spaces. Those who want to learn about the past, present, and future of art have millions of free resources at hand. If you are an appreciator of art, you will find today’s selection of art websites useful.

Interesting Art Websites Every Art Lover Should Know About


300Magazine is one of the most diverse online art publications out there. It covers the current news in the world of art and regularly posts about upcoming exhibitions and auctions worldwide. It pretty much dabbles in all art-related fields. On 300Magazine, you will learn which kind of art to invest in this year, how to create your original mixed-media project, or which impressionist painters forecasted climate change.

Russian Icon Collection

This is the official website of the Russian Icon Collection project founded by Oleg Kushnirskiy, a collector and entrepreneur. It displays antique icons from Oleg’s private collection and provides information about the historical context they were created in. It is one of those rare specialized art websites that focus specifically on religious icons. All of the articles featured on the Russian Icon Collection blog are written both in English and in Russian. The main objective of this project is to preserve the beauty of Russian traditional icon painting.

Banksy Brooklyn

Banksy Brooklyn is dedicated to the work of the renowned artist Banksy and street art around the world in general. It posts new fascinating articles about the history of street art and its main representatives every month. One of its latest publications covers the story behind the attempted theft of Banksy’s artwork in Ukraine.

Fine Art Adviser

Fine Art Adviser is the perfect place for people who are looking for pointers on how to make it in the art industry and want to understand how it operates. It has everything from tips on how to become a collector or an art dealer to reports on the general state of the art market.

If you are not familiar with these art websites yet, we suggest that you try them out right now. We are 100% sure you will find them informative and entertaining.