Images of Faith, Beauty & Love in Realistic Portraits by Garry Watin

Garry Watin

A realistic portrait is a detailed, precise, and accurate representation of the visual appearance of a person, which is often focused on the face and its expression. This is a common definition of this timeless painting genre. However, the truth is that a portrait is much more than that. It is an artwork that tells a story, displaying the personality and even the mood of the depicted subject. In this blog post, we are delighted to tell you about the Filipino artist Garry Watin, whose amazing realistic portraits are filled with images of faith, beauty, and love.

Realistic Portraits by the Filipino Artist Garry Watin

Realistic Portraits by Garry WatinGarry Allen Watin is a talented Filipino painter who creates realistic portraits that reflect faith, beauty, and love. He graduated from the University of San Carlos where he was trained in the timeless style of Realism. Garry Watin is now an established artist and also an instructor of Multimedia Arts at the Cebu Institute of Technology – University in Cebu City, Philippines.

Passionate with Realism and the art of portraiture in particular, Garry Watin loves to depict different people and tell the stories of their lives. From athletes and innovators to “everyday folks” like a devoted wife and a hardworking father, people in his works are all “winners” because of their contagious positive attitudes. All of them are idealistic in their “approach to life,” which is very similar to the artist’s approach to art that he believes can uplift the human spirit.

Garry Watin says, “If life is cruel as some people see it, as an artist, I want to show images of faith, beauty, and love. People may realize that with the right attitude, along with a strong faith in God, life can be a Paraiso.” Following this goal, Watin creates truly amazing realistic portraits that not just show life as it is but represent idealistic images of “reality,” which inspire and help look at life from a different perspective.