Ideas on How to Maintain Your Oil Paintings This Winter

Oil prints and paintings are delicate forms of fine art. Therefore, you should handle their storage during winter with extra caution if you don’t want to lose them. In the remaining sections of our brief post, we shall share out tips on how to maintain this form of fine art during this chilling season.

Avoid High Temperatures and Humidity
Just as you do with packing, take care of temperatures and humidity as you maintain your oil paintings during this cold season. If you expose your artwork to high temperatures and humidity, you will expose its canvas and wood stretchers to expansion contraction. With this kind of exposure, they will finally cause the oil paint to crack and flake off leading to the destruction of its integrity and beauty. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your oil prints and paintings within temperature limits of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity limits of 40%-45%.

Deal With Dirt

Dirt is another thing you need to pay attention to when maintaining your oil prints and paintings this season. If you let dirt accumulate on the surfaces of the artworks, it will attract mold, pollutants, and moisture. When these elements come onto the scene, they will damage them. You should also remember to keep your artwork away from all smoke because enough exposure to it can lead to damage and the accumulation of soot eventually destroys its esthetic appeal and value.

Handle With Care
Another tip to help you maintain your oil paintings during this cold season is handling them carefully. When preparing them for transportation, you should hold the paintings on both sides. You must also avoid holding the painting from the top of the frame and by its hanging wire. Also, it is necessary to avoid bumping the paintings on canvas since they can crack and damage their surfaces.

Don’t Expose Them to Excess Light or Darkness
Lastly, do not expose your paintings to excess light since it will darken and cause them to fade, losing their beauty and value. Additionally, do not store them in dark places for a long time since if you do, the darkness will also darken their colors and make them lose their original luster.

We believe the ideas we have shared in this post will help you maintain your oil paintings better this season.