How to Take Care of Large Wooden Artwork Frames?

Wooden frames are some of the most common tools for holding and maintaining the integrity of your artwork both at home and in the hands of shippers when you need to transport them. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special care to how you maintain it since if you don’t, you will soon lose its integrity and shorten the lifespan of the fine art. With that in mind, our discussion will share little secrets on how best you can take care of large wooden frames. Remain with us as we explore more.

Regular Cleaning

The first way of maintaining your large wooden frames is cleaning them regularly. You will need to remove the frame from the wall and dust it. You need to ensure that as you remove and dust it, the front part of the frame lies on a soft material to avoid scratching. This way, you will not just keep it clean, but you will also maintain its esthetic value intact.


Another way of taking care of your frame is regular dusting. To do this, use a soft feather duster, lamb’s wool duster, or any other artificial product that serves that purpose. However, you need to be careful when taking the frame down the wall and return it safely after dusting it.

Using Cleaning Polish

Besides dusting your large wooden frames, clean them using a damp rag or wood furniture polish. However, be careful when using this spray by only spraying a little amount on the cloth and use it to wipe the wooden frame. Where your frame is richly carved, use a toothbrush to remove the dirt out of the nooks.

Deep-Cleaning the Frame

Lastly, keep your frames clean and enable them to last longer by deepcleaning them. Here, you will need to remove your artwork safely and clean the frame without damaging the images. This level of cleaning helps you to remove all the deepseated dirt and dust that regular dusting could not remove. You will need to place the frame on a soft surface with its back facing up before removing the artwork for cleaning. After cleaning, return and hang it safely.

Caring for your fine art frames is one of the surest ways of keeping your art clean and lengthening its lifespan. By following what we shared in this post, you will enjoy the best out of your artwork and keep it longer.