How to Successfully Move an Expensive Painting: Tips and Tricks

How to Successfully Move an Expensive Painting

Expensive and valuable items require special care and attention. The same goes for works of art. If you’re going to move an expensive painting to a new location, we recommend hiring professional fine art shippers who specialize in moving valuable and fragile items. However, there are a few more things to consider when moving this kind of precious possessions. Read this blog post to learn them. 

Things to Consider When You Move an Expensive Painting 

If you are going to move an expensive painting, make sure that it is adequately insured while in transit. Of course, if you hire a well-established company, you can hardly worry about a successful delivery, but unforeseen circumstances may still happen on the way. That’s why it’s important to make sure the artwork is covered for potential damage. Before packing and shipping, document the condition of a painting. Take photos from multiple angles and make a note of any damage. This will serve as evidence in the event of an insurance claim.

You should also invest in custom packaging for your artwork. Specialists usually recommend considering wooden crates for particularly expensive or valuable paintings. This provides maximum protection against all external influences such as knocks, bumps, and light. Custom crates can also provide a stable climate during the move, as extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations can damage the artwork. Besides, the vehicles used by most professional fine art moving companies are equipped with climate control systems that keep the temperature and humidity levels constant.

If you are relocating your valuable artwork over a long distance, consider asking potential fine art shipping companies if they have GPS tracking devices on their vehicles to monitor the shipment.

Upon arrival, it would also be great to hire a professional art handler to hang the painting in its new location. They have the expertise to ensure proper positioning, which won’t damage the painting’s condition, as well as secure installation. Many fine art shipping companies offer these services too, so you don’t have to look for an additional partner for this task.

Fine Art Shippers: Your Best Partner for Moving Expensive Paintings

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