Reasons to Hire a Painting Courier for Long-Distance Shipping

Reasons to Hire a Painting Courier for Long Distance Shipping

Long-distance art shipping is complicated for several reasons. Starting with finding the perfect packing service and ending with white glove delivery, transporting works of art across the country is a multi-step process that can go wrong at any moment. Or, at least, so it seems when you are dealing with it all on your own. But did you know there is a service art logistics companies provide specifically designed to ensure the utmost protection and safety of your paintings during cross-country transit? A painting courier is undeniably the best solution for long-distance art shipping.

Reasons to Hire a Painting Courier for Long-Distance Shipping

Not all couriers transport artwork cross-country. Courier services are mostly hired for short-distance delivery, but there are some noticeable differences between regular delivery and exclusive painting courier services.

Art courier services are often enlisted by people who need to transport extremely valuable artworks. For example, some paintings are so expensive and scarce that they require exquisite care and personalized attention. An object like that should never leave an art handler’s line of sight. For this reason, art couriers often accompany high-value works of art on their journey across the country.

Vigilantly watching over a work of art is not everything a painting courier does. All art couriers are also trained art handlers, which means they know everything about art storage, packing, and shipping. A regular courier does not have the skill set to properly care for a work of art. Art couriers are fine art specialists who know the value of the art they transport and treat it accordingly. In addition, an art courier can take care of art insurance and art installation if required.

How to find reliable painting couriers?

Never let regular shipping or moving companies handle your art collection. If you are looking for reliable and skilled painting couriers in your area, make sure that the chosen company has worked with reputable clients. That is how you know you can trust it with your precious possessions.

Opting for a professional art courier service is the best investment in the safety of your valuables you can make. You will never regret going the extra mile to ensure the things you treasure are well-cared for and protected from harm.