How to Spot the Best Artwork Installation Service to Meet Your Needs

How to Spot the Best Artwork Installation Service to Meet Your Needs

Opting for an artwork installation service is the best decision you can make when organizing an art event. If you are showing your artwork at an art fair or planning an exhibition, working with professional art handlers is an absolute necessity. By trying to wing the art installation process, you might be putting the safety of your artwork and even your audience at risk. But how do you spot a fine art installation service that meets all your needs? Keep these tips in mind, and you will find the perfect fine art installation company in no time.

How to Spot the Best Artwork Installation Service to Meet Your Needs

Where is the art installation company located?

Consider opting for an artwork installation company based in your city or a place nearby. The reason for that is the amount of planning required for artwork installers to prepare for your art event. They will need way more resources to drive across the country than to the other end of the city, and that will affect the price. For example, if you are located in New York, you can find an abundance of high-quality NYC-based art installation companies.

How experienced is the company?

It is crucial to take into account the amount of experience your art installers have. A company that has been around for years or even decades is usually more well-versed in various kinds of art installation than a young one. That is not to say that a newly emerged art handling company cannot do a great job. However, when it comes to high-value works of art and situations that require on-the-fly decision-making and flexibility, it is better to opt for an experienced service provider.

Does the company offer other necessary services?

Mounting artwork is not the only area fine art installers specialize in. They also usually offer transportation and packing services. Many artists and collectors prefer going to one place for all the necessary art logistics services. If you are organizing an art show, chances are you will have to move works of art to the event. To do that safely, you will need professional assistance.

You can easily find an artwork installation service that works best for you by asking your art-related friends and art institutions for recommendations or looking at client reviews online. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right decision.