Exhibition Installation Services: Are They Worth the Money?

Exhibition Installation Services

If you have ever participated in a fine art exhibition of any kind, you likely know how much effort and time goes into setting it up. Hanging up paintings or putting objects on display is only scratching the surface. For an art show to be successful, art venue managers have to consider everything, from lighting and positioning to the weight and size of the exhibited pieces. This is why many galleries opt for professional exhibition installation services. But are they worth the money?

Exhibition Installation Services: Are They Worth the Money?

First, it is important to understand what art installation services entail. The thing is, they may cover pretty much anything in terms of art handling. Combined with the unique vision of the curator or gallery manager, art installation experts help ensure the art show goes smoothly.

Fine art installation is just one of the many services art handlers provide. For example, they can transport artworks to and from the venue, pack them, and deinstall the pieces after the show is over.

When it comes to installation specifically, there is way more that goes into it than simply putting hooks in walls. First, it is necessary to assess the exhibition space to ensure that the walls can handle the weight of artworks. Some walls only appear sturdy while being fragile and ready to crumble at the slightest pressure. That is why it is better to get a professional to check your walls before hanging any pieces on them.

After making sure that everything is alright, art handlers start the installation process using special art hanging systems. Since different kinds of systems are used for different works of art, picking the right one is crucial. An art handler can help you choose and install a system that will functionally suit your artwork and support it for the entirety of the show.

In conclusion, we believe that exhibition installation services are absolutely worth investing in. Not only do you get the full spectrum of art handling services, but you also receive a guarantee that your exhibition goes smoothly and without any unpleasant accidents.