How to Ship Paintings from New York to London Safely?

Along with New York, London is one of the most important destinations in the world of art. Some of the best museums, art galleries, and auction houses are located in the beautiful capital of the United Kingdom, attracting art lovers and collectors from all over the globe. It is no wonder that people often ship paintings and other art pieces from New York to London and from London to New York. But how to do it most efficiently and, what is even more important, safely? With the help of Fine Art Shippers, of course!

We Can Ship Paintings from New York to London Safely!

At Fine Art Shippers, we have reliable partners and a representative office in London, meaning that we can ship paintings, sculptures, antiques, and other valuables from New York to the Big Smoke or vice versa quickly and efficiently. Located in the Heathrow Airport area, our London office can handle any international shipment and provide our clients with the same high-quality art handling and art logistics services as we offer in New York. These include:

  • art pick-up and delivery to business and private addresses;
  • art packing and bespoke crate fabrication;
  • art installation and deinstallation;
  • short-term and long-term art storage in climate-controlled warehouses;
  • art insurance covering many areas of risk;
  • customs clearance and brokerage;
  • art consultation and advisory services.

Whether you are shipping fine art from New York to London or from London to New York, we will handle the entire process of international art transportation, making it simpler and more effective for you. Our team works with artworks of any size, weight, and value and can provide the solution for even the most complex art shipping task.

Do not hesitate to request a free shipping quote from Fine Art Shippers or contact us directly to know how we can help you ship paintings and other pieces safely!