How to Protect the Art Collection from Moisture and Extreme Heat

It’s not a secret that artworks require special fine art handling. That’s why we remind you that the climate controlled warehouse is very important for art storage. Moisture, as well as extreme heat, can damage your precious fine art pieces. However, there are several ways that can help you protect them from these conditions.

First of all, try to achieve the ideal RH (Relative Humidity) level that can be found in the museum environment. For example, for fine furniture storage, paintings, paper and textiles artworks, the RH set point might be 45-55%, and the recommended temperature – about 68-72 degrees in Fahrenheit. As for the metal fine art objects, they can be stored at the lower RH level that will slow the rate of corrosion. Along with that, some items, like high-fired ceramics, can be less sensitive to relative humidity, but they still require proper art storage conditions. In this way, whatever piece of art you have, it does need a controlled microenvironment, although the requirements may differ depending on the artwork type.

Taking into consideration all of the above, it becomes clear that only a special art storage facility can provide the best possible protection for your prized possessions. Being a proven art shipping and storage company, Fine Art Shippers understand how moisture and extreme heat can affect the art collection. For this reason, our warehouse is equipped with a modern climate control system, and our trained staff knows all the nuances of art storage. Feel free to contact us for any detailed information!