How to Prepare Your Fine Art for International Shipping

painting a picture

It is necessary to prepare your fine art for shipping. In this post, we share out tips and ideas to help you prepare your art pieces for international shipping.

Inspect the Artwork

Before shipping your artwork internationally, it is necessary to inspect it. The reason why inspection is needful for the art pieces is to allow you to detect any scratch, damage, wear, and blemish the items might have. This way, you will be in a better position to write an authentic and factual report on the condition of the items before shipping them. Also, it will alert the shipper to such things so that when the object arrives with any such defects, the move is not held responsible for damages that the artworks had before online shop usa international shipping.

Clean Your Artwork

Before online shop usa international shipping, it is necessary to clean your artwork. You need to do it to allow the recipient to receive it in a presentable condition. Whether you are sending it to a friend as a gift or you are shipping it to your customer, it is necessary for your recipient to receive it clean.

Use Bubble Wraps

When shipping your artifacts, you should consider the pressure they will face along the way. Therefore, it is needful to use bubble wrap when shipping sculptures and other craft to protect them against pressure.

Get an Appropriate Box

Proper preparation for shipping requires the right box or container for that purpose. Therefore, choose the size of the boxes based on the size of the artworks you want to ship. If you ignore this factor, be sure the objects will start shifting inside the package, exposing them to damage.


To improve the efficiency of your packaging, take time and learn about various forms of packing materials available on the market. This way, you will get the best tool for the right job and ensure that your art gets a safe online shop usa international shipping.

Enforce Safety

If you are shipping painting, use protective tape over the glass frames, paper to wrap the whole painting, and padding to hold the corners tightly.

Use Only Recommended Shipping Boxes

Lastly, remember to use only recommended boxes for shipping artwork.

With all the facts about shipping services and preparation your fingertips, the ball is now in your court to improve your preparation for artwork shipping.