How to Package Glass for Shipping: 6 Steps to Safety

How to Package Glass for Shipping: 6 Steps to Safety | Fine Art Shippers

Glassware, glass sculptures, and glass artworks pose a serious challenge to their owners. The main difficulty appears when the time comes to shipping. Transportation of such delicate and fragile objects is pretty complicated, but there is nothing impossible when you work with logistics experts. Today, you can find out how to package glass for shipping so that it won’t break in transit. Here are six essential steps to safety.

How to Package Glass for Shipping: 6 Steps to Safety

1. Prepare the packing supplies

The first step to safe shipping is gathering all the necessary supplies for packing glass. You will need packing paper, bubble wrap, corrugated boxes (as they are more durable than cardboard ones), filling material, tape, and labels.

2. Start wrapping glass

Some people start wrapping glass objects with a bubble wrap layer, but Fine Art Shippers recommends wrapping the glass in packing paper first. After that, you can use bubble wrap sheets, if available, or bubble pouches as an alternative.

3. Use layers and dividers

Creating layers with cardboard dividers is an essential step that will increase the safety of the shipment by twice. It will add the necessary firmness to the package.

4. Fill and cushion the box

For extra safety, you can fill a box with any filling material. When the box is nearly full, make sure to leave room for extra packing material. There should be a protective layer on top.

5. Seal and label it

If everything is safe and sound, it is time to seal the box with tape. Please note that flaps should be fully taped down in order to avoid dirt and moisture getting in

6. Call the shippers

All that is left is to contact a moving company and have it ship your glass to the desired destination. Hire only professional movers to ensure that no harm will come to the shipment.

Following these steps, you can learn how to package glass for shipping without further ado. Treat your glass items properly, and your success is guaranteed!