How to Pack Your Freight for Shipping

No one wants to open the long-awaited package just to discover that its contents were damaged during transportation. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens, and the main reason for this is improper packing. To help you avoid the disappointment, we have prepared a few tips you can use to protect your freight.

Packing Tips, or How to Protect the Freight

1. Business shipping

When it comes to business shipping or shipping multiple and larger items, it’s better to palletize your freight for extra security. If you cannot do it yourself, turn to professional shipping and packing company for help. At Fine Art Shippers, we offer packing and crating services for any need, from crating pallets to shrink wrapping.

2. Furniture shipping

Forget about shipping your furniture without disassembling it first. Otherwise, it can be easily damaged. For instance, you have to remove cushions from sofas and legs from tables and crate each of these details separately.

3. Electronics shipping

The best packaging you can use to protect your electronic devices during transportation is their original packing materials created specifically for them. Thus, if you are going to ship your TV, DVD player, and so on – use its original packaging when possible.

4. Boxes

If you want to protect your freight, you should use only thick and sturdy boxes able to withstand long distance transportation. In this way, look for extra thick or double wall boxes with several layers of protection.

5. Packing supplies

No matter the contents of your freight, make sure you use only high-quality packing supplies. Moreover, don’t forget about bubble wrap, foam peanuts, packaging chips, and other packing materials to cushion items. However, do not overfill the box!

6. Shipping fragile items and unbreakables

The best way to protect your treasures is to pack each item separately. In case you cannot do it, at least, separate breakables from unbreakables. Make sure, all fragile items, like dishes, glasses, and fine art pieces, are put in separate boxes/containers. Use bubble wrap for wrapping and limit their movement within the boxes as much as possible. Seal each box with high-quality packing tape.

7. Shake test

Once you pack the box, give it a shake. If the item is still moving around – the package is not secure. Add more packing materials and pass the shake test once more.

Follow these simple freight tips, and your items will arrive at the destination safe and sound! However, if it comes to valuable fine art objects, large sculptures, and antique pieces, turn to Fine Art Shippers for help! We provide professional customized packing and crating services and guarantee the safe shipment of your possessions across the US and internationally. Whatever you need to ship – Fine Art Shippers will find for you the smartest, safest, and, what is also very important, the most economical solution. Call us today!