How to Pack Glassware for Shipping? 5 Guidelines for Beginners

How to Pack Glassware for Shipping? 5 Guidelines for Beginners

Packing glassware is an exciting challenge for professionals and a real nightmare for beginners. Given the great delicacy and an astonishing variety of glass objects, it takes a lot of experience and skills to be trusted with such fragile freight. If you plan to ship your glass items and you don’t want to break them, you need to know how to pack glassware for shipping. The following guidelines are for you.

How to Pack Glassware for Shipping? Five Guidelines for Beginners

Gather information about your glassware

Packing a vase and packing a plate are two different processes. First, you should do your homework and learn as much as possible about the weak spots of your particular glassware.

Pack, wrap, and fill!

It is the most responsible part of the job. Choose a flat and clean surface. Whether you pack or wrap an item, do it slowly as if you want to protect every inch of an object. Besides, make sure you buy the right fillers for a shipping box, as every type of filling material has its pros and cons.

Don’t think of a packing process as a routine

If you wonder how to pack glassware for shipping and not to die of stress, change your attitude. Don’t transform it into a routine. In fact, it is not as stressful as you think. Do it with enthusiasm instead.

Seal the box and put it to the test

Once you pack and wrap your glass object, it is time to seal the box. After sealing, you shouldn’t just leave it alone. It is time to test whether everything is safe and secure. The best way is to gently shake the box a couple of times and check the sound.

Call shippers

Whether you ship glassware internationally or locally, try to find an experienced shipping company. Packing is essential, but shipping is the other half of success.

That’s it! Even if you are a beginner, you can learn how to pack glassware for shipping using the guidelines above. We wish you good luck!