How to Move a Museum: Secrets to Transporting Millions Worth of Art

How to Move a Museum Secrets to Transporting Millions Worth of Art

To many of us, museums appear to be completely immovable structures, stalwart keepers of history and knowledge. However, no matter how stable something seems, the world is never static. Thus, there always comes a time in the life of almost every museum when it needs to leave its old home and move to a new one. That is where the challenges begin. Museum staff, volunteers, and professional art movers come together to make sure that the transportation of priceless artifacts goes as smoothly as possible. But how do you move a museum collection worth millions without endangering it?

How to Move a Museum: Secrets to Transporting Millions Worth of Art

First comes the planning stage. Once the art institution decides to move its collection, extensive preparations begin. To move a museum efficiently, museum staff must have perfect records of every item in the collection. We have seen what happens when big institutions forgo such an important element of art preservation as record keeping — theft goes unnoticed for years, and thousands of pieces are left forgotten in storage rooms with no one to take proper care of them.

Once the planning is over and done with, deinstallation and packing follow. Deinstalling artworks at a museum might seem as simple as taking the pieces off the walls and podiums. However, certain museums have works of art embedded in their structure. For example, some buildings have historical mosaics and stained glass, and art transportation and restoration specialists must find a way to detach and safely move them without compromising their integrity.

Cultural and educational institutions often task their employees and volunteers to help pack items. Indeed, to move an entire museum collection, they need all the helping hands they can get. However, some objects are too valuable and fragile to be moved without professional art handling services. That is why fine art logistics companies are often hired to help with the deinstallation, packing, and transportation of museum-level works of art.

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