How to Identify a Reliable Art Shipper?

Reliable Art Shipping

Everyone who is shipping fine art should be aware of the importance to hire a professional art shipper. After all, poor-quality services and fraudulent art shippers are among the worst things that can happen throughout the moving process. Thereby, it is crucial to choose the right company to deal with. So if you do not want to entrust just anyone with transporting your precious possessions, make sure you know how to distinguish a trustworthy art delivery service from a nonprofessional one. The following tips will help you with that. 

Tips for choosing a high-quality art moving service

Finding a trustworthy art shipper is undoubtedly a very daunting task largely due to the variety of art shipping services offered in New York. However, if you apply the below tips, chances are you will make the right choice.

  • Official website

Check the company’s website. It should contain their address, email, contact number, and some background. A constantly updated blog that helps keep all of the helpful information in one place is also a sign of a reliable art shipping company. 

  • Reviews and testimonials

Look for some reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Positive feedback, especially if it is given by a famous artist or an art dealer, indicates high-quality services and good business ethics. 

  • Company representatives

Consult company representatives for specific advice or professional service tailored to your particular situation. Do they sound professional? Have they answered all your questions? Are you satisfied with the consultation? In many cases, even a single phone conversation can help determine whether the company is professional or not. 

  • Payment methods

A reliable art and antique moving company usually offers several payment methods so that customers could choose the one that suits them best.

  • A variety of services

A trustworthy art shipping company offers a full range of services related to moving art locally and internationally. After all, it is impossible to ship art professionally without providing packing, crating, insurance, and storage services. 

  • Organization

Needless to say that reliable art movers are always highly organized and punctual, so pay attention to how they act and what their attitude toward the work is.

These are the main features of a trustworthy art shipping company. As you can see, Fine Art Shippers meet all the criteria and even more. So if you need someone to move your valuable belongings, you are exactly where you have to be. Fill in the free quote to get our offer now!